"the grinch" by Gary Hoey (Live)

My favorite christmas song! Gary Hoey is awesome on the guitar.

2 minutes 12 seconds

"another brick in the wall part 1" by Pink Floyd

Intense song if you listen to the lyrics.

3 minutes 2 seconds

"golden slumbers" by The Beatles

4 minutes 38 seconds
Not that I'm a great juggler or anything but when he twirled around for no apparent reason was kind of lame.

"scotch mist" by Radiohead

52 minutes 32 seconds
Performed Christmas 2007
IN RAINBOWS, the "physical manifestation"

"the flame" by The Black Keys

Great blues song I liked it the first time I heard it.

4 minutes 35 seconds

"red eye" by The Album Leaf

Here's a pretty cool instrumental that I liked the first time I heard.

4 minutes 26 seconds
The actual song is about 7 minutes long.

"stuck on you" by Lionel Richie

I couldn't get this song out of my head so I figured maybe I could get it stuck in everyone else's head tool.

3 minutes 10 seconds

A Balloon And A Box

Some good sounds from just a box and a balloon.

1 minute 52 seconds
Addi Somekh on the balloon bass and Andy Sanesi on box(cajon)

"time has come today" by The Chambers Brothers

I didn't know that 4 out of 5 of The Chambers Brothers were black. Interesting...

4 minutes 55 seconds

"if there's love" by Citizen Cope

Just get past the oh la lo's about 14 seconds into the song and it becomes music to my ears. Or maybe its only me? I still hope that everyone likes it. :)

Everyone wants love...

"chasing cars" by Snow Patrol

Fantastic song but it's a different video than the first one I saw but of course I still like it . Hope that makes sense?

"shinning star" by Earth Wind And Fire

I like the original version the best.

2 minutes 51 seconds

"the book I write" by Spoon

Another song from the brilliant band "Spoon".

2 minutes 16 seconds
Is this song in the movie Stranger than fiction?

Drummers In Chicago

Playing just outside of the Chicago Cubs Stadium these guys jam it out on 5 gallon buckets. Really talented.

2 minutes 32 seconds

"such great heights" by The Postal Service

4 minutes 30 seconds
Great song! I hear it's either a remake or that this is the original version but it has been remade by a couple bands. Another song that kind of grew on me.

"sometime around midnight" by the Airborne Toxic (Week Six of Acoustic Series)

A bit different but I like it.

5 minutes 23 seconds
The Airborne Toxic Event is from the L.A. neighborhood of Los Feliz.

"hard road" by Sam Roberts

Great song by Sam Roberts it reminds me of my life.

4 minutes 3 seconds
Watch out, it might not run so well on computers like mine?
Let it buffer sometimes. In another words pause until later if you can.

Julia Dales With A Quick Beatbox Session

1 minute 55 seconds
Even chicks get into beatboxing and this chick has what it takes to beatbox with the best of them.

"cliffs of dover" by Eric Johnson (LIVE) 1990

Live at the Bottomline, NY, 1990.

10 minutes 23 seconds
This song got it's name from the White Cliffs Of Dover and is on Eric Johnson's Ah Via Musicom album.
It was voted number 17 in Guitar World magazine's list of 100 Greatest Guitar Solos and won a Grammy award for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance in1991.
This song is featured in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and this video game appearance prompted a renewed interest in the song and Eric Johnson mostly among younger audience.

"grantchester meadows" by Pink Floyd

Some classic Pink Floyd. One of the best songs off the Ummagumma Album redone. Or is it the original? You can decide for yourself. Comment if you'd like?

7 minutes 36 seconds

"manchild" by Eels

I used to listen to this album "beautiful freak" when I got a little depressed. Not that I'm depressed right now! It just brings back memories.

4 minutes 5 seconds

"flower" by The Eels

Some depressing music for this hangover Sunday...

3 minutes 36 seconds

"peace train" by Cat Stevens

This video is a trip to watch. Classic song.

4 minutes 5 seconds

"operator" by Jim Croce

I didn't know Jim had such a sweet mustache! This song is great though.

3 minutes 27 seconds

"mind flood" by Sam Roberts

Long song but a really good one.

8 minutes 10 seconds

"uprising" by Muse

4 minutes 9 seconds
Tim seems to like this song.

"lorge" by El Ten Eleven (LIVE at the Darkroom In Chicago)

On 4-24-2009 El Ten Eleven performed live an instrumental song called "lorge".

4 minutes 14 seconds

"vertigo" by The Libertines

Song set to the movie "trainspotting".

2 minutes 41 seconds

"sweet surrender" by Sarah McLachlan

4 minutes or less
Love this song...

"space face" by Doves

Very well done. I like it a lot! Live, Sub Sub?

4 minutes 3 seconds

"jetstream" by Doves

4 minutes 43 seconds

"kiss the girl" in The Little Mermaid

2 minutes 32 seconds
Done quite well, for a kids cartoon...

"pre-flight rap routine" by David Holmes

2 minutes 22 seconds
David Holmes has become something of a minor Internet hit after passengers posted cellphone videos of his hip-hop inspired takes on the standard cabin announcements.
Southwest Airlines flight attendant...

"what a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong

2 minutes 18 seconds
He seems to be maybe a little sarcastic?
For this to be the song of the century, I think is crap as well!

"feeling pulled apart by horses" by Thom Yorke

7 minutes 11 seconds

"somtime around midnight" by The Airborne Toxic Event

At first I didn't like this song, I must admit. But now I do...

Similar to every girl I've met?

"when you love somebody" by Fruit Bats

4 minutes 31 seconds
There's a book?

"papa's in the backroom" by Tea Leaf Green

I likeie! Live at Coda 11-19-05

6 minutes 37 seconds

"the general specific" by Band Of Horses

This video not so good but the music is great!

3 minutes 9 seconds

The Alley Cats With Conan O'Brian

1 minute 45 seconds

"one night only" by Beyonce

If you like scrubs then you might like this...

3 minutes 47 seconds

Toccata and Fugue in D minor

1 minute 22 seconds
Johan Sebastian Bach

"change" by Blind Melon


3 minutes 46 seconds

"please don't go" by Barcelona

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan.

4 minutes 33 seconds
The main tank called the 'Kuroshio Sea' holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world's second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters.

"black grease" by The Black Angels (LIVE)

Performing at the Troubador.

4 minutes 12 seconds

"pump it up" by Elvis Costello

I did not know this was Elvis Costello.

3 minutes 17 seconds

"electric feel" by MGMT

3 minutes 48 seconds

"crawl" by Kings Of Leon

Good stuff...

4 minutes 34 seconds

"mahna mahna" by Cake

2 minutes 45 seconds

"sitting on the dock of the bay" by Otis Redding

2 minutes 42 seconds
Looks a bit like Eddie Murphy doesn't he?

Star Wars

Played by a french girl on this EL 9OO.

4 minutes 25 seconds

"1901" by Phoneix

Tim is full of recommendations. Enjoy!

3 minutes 11 seconds

"kids with guns" by Gorillaz (Hot Chip Remix)

Kids With Guns remix with Hot Chip

7 minutes 4 seconds

"the boy with the arab strap" by Belle And Sebastian

Great song!!!

5 minutes 14 seconds
Weird title but as long as it sounds good, I don't care.

"cold desert" by The Kings Of Leon

It gets better and better...

5 minutes 35 seconds
I'm on the corner waiting for a light to come on
that's when i know that you're alone
it's cold in the desert water never sees the ground
special ones walk on without sound
told me you love me, that i'd never die alone
hand over your heart let's go on
everyone known it everyone has seen the signs
i've always been known to cross lines
i never ever cried when i was feeling down
ive always been scared of the sound
jesus don't love me no-one ever carried my load
im too young to feel this old. nobody knows,nobody sees,nobody but me

"they never got you" by Spoon (LIVE)

5 minutes 36 seconds

"fugitive" by David Gray (LIVE)

Live at the Thetford Forest

2 minutes 21 seconds

"detroit '67" by Sam Roberts

I like this song partially because I live so close to Detroit.

4 minutes 15 seconds

"king rat" by Modest Mouse

Directed by Heath Ledger. Crazy Video.

6 minutes 8 seconds

"the downtown" by Days Of The New (LIVE)

I saw these guys live in Detroit and I have say I was definitely impressed.

5 minutes 10 seconds

"arizona" by Kings Of Leon

This band just gets better and better the more I hear them. I rarely like live music but they seem to pull it off pretty good. Caleb Followill is a great singer he sounds just like the original version.

4 minutes 43 seconds

"pride" by Manchester Orchestra

Starts out a bit slow but then it begins to jam!

5 minutes 49 seconds

"fans" by Kings Of Leon

Great band, the more I listen the more I like.

3 minutes 46 seconds

"buttons" by The Weeks

Off their album Comeback Cadaliac

5 minutes 58 seconds

"notion" by Kings Of Leon

Hope you enjoy this one, it's one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Kings of Leon - Notion (Official Music Video) - These bloopers are hilarious
3 minutes 2 seconds

"we're gonna be friends" by The White Stripes

The song doesn't start until about 1 minute 13 seconds but I still like it.

3 minutes 39 seconds

"the funeral" by Band Of Horses

Really good band with a very unique singer.

3 minutes 46 seconds

The Black Keys "meet me in the city"

Not much of a video but the song is great.

3 minutes 39 seconds

Ra Ra Riot "can you tell"

Recommended by a friend named Tim.

2 minutes 59 seconds

David Gray "as i'm leaving"

4 minutes 32 seconds
Honestly I've never seen this movie. Believe it or not, I do like this song though :)

Jack Black "nickelodeon"

I thought this was both talented and funny. It actually sounds good!

44 sec

"sex on fire" Kings Of Leon

3 minutes 25 seconds
I hope my sex, is on some sort of fire...

Ray Lamontagne "meg white"


4 minutes 16 seconds

Spoon "everything hits at once"

Great song! Worth a listen.

4 minute 3 seconds

Aerosmith "seasons of wither"

I think this may be the only song I like by Aerosmith now.(final fantasy)

Final Fantasy - Seasons Of Wither - RexRed - The funniest videos clips are here
5 minutes 38 seconds

Commodores "brick house"

Starring The Muppets

2 minutes 41 seconds

Sublime "doin' time"

3 minutes 42 seconds

Matt Hires "Honey Let Me Sing You A Song"

He seems to get the feel for the song after he gets into it a little.

3 minutes 43 seconds

Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman at Google, London

Very talented beatboxer and flute player these two deserve a lot of credit. I thought the beginning was impressive until I heard the rest?

18 minutes 3 seconds

Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Drawfs "borderline"

6 minutes 7 seconds
Remake of the Madonna's song borderline.
This video was recommended by Jason and Sheielah. Thanks you two

Limp Bizkit "everything"

10 minutes 10 seconds

Kenna "freetime"

3 minutes 24 seconds

Eels "not ready yet" (live)

One of the security plays in this one. Recorded: 29 July 2008Location: Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Useless Trinkets

15 minutes 34 seconds

Toad The Wet Sprocket "i will not take these things for granted"

Most of my music has come from influence to another. This one, honestly reminds me of my first girlfriend. I learned a lot more away from her, rather than when I was with her.

5 minutes 47 seconds
But before her, I didn't know exactly what it was to lose a loved one. Especially when I was the one who initiated every break up.

Portishead "glory box"

One of my X-girlfriends got me into this. Damn her, still can't get her out of my mind!

3 minutes 30 seconds

Pearl Jam

"aye davanita"
Off of their Vitalogy CD. I actually gave this cd away believe it or not and now I regret it.

3 minutes 27 seconds

Fat Boy Slim

"praise you"

5 minutes 42 seconds

Neil Flinn

"she will have her way"

4 minutes 3 seconds


"new york" (acoustic)

3 minutes 29 seconds
Great singer!


"paint the silence"

4 minutes 50 seconds

Stevie Wonder

Heres a threesome for ya if you like Stevie?
"my eyes don't cry"

7 minutes 7 seconds

"higher ground"

3 minutes 43 seconds

"sesame street"

2 minutes 7 seconds

James Morrison

"you give me something"

3 minutes 37 seconds

Death Cab For Cutie

"soul meets body"

3 minutes 51 seconds

Blue October

"dirt room"
A friend of mine likes this song so maybe you'll like it too?

3 minutes 25 seconds


"all i need"

3 minutes 48 seconds

Mike Doughty

"american car"(LIVE) @ The Social in Orlando, FL

3 minutes 42 seconds

Ted Nugent


9 minutes 48 seconds
My favorite song by Ted Nugent

Jay-Z Feat UGK

"big pimpin"

5 minutes 14 seconds

Ingrid Michaelson

"the way i'am"

2 minutes 17 seconds

Ray Lamontagne

"three more days"
This is the song that made me appreciate Ray Lamontagne.
The original is the best!

3 minutes 30 seconds

Black Keys

"i got mine" (LIVE) on David Letterman

4 minutes 12 seconds

"randy describes eternity" by Built To Spill

6 minutes 5 seconds
I love this song!!!


"house of cards"

4 minutes 32 seconds
In this Radiohead video used no cameras or lights. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.


"loud pipes"(instrumental)

Andy White

"first she said stop"
About a minute and a half into the video the song get's really good.

4 minutes 15 seconds
Garageband type feel

Paolo Nutini

"jenny don't be hasty"
It sort of reminds me of another song?
Uploaded by Alexander_Band

3 minutes 51 seconds

Mad Season

"river of deceit"

5 minutes 2 seconds
A lot of people commonly mistake this song for Alice in Chains. Though they would be partially correct because he is the singer in this this band and contributed in a band called "class of '99". Layne Staley died unfortunately of a drug over dose in april 2002.

David Gray

"sail away"
Uploaded by Dixvad59

4 minutes 17 seconds

Sub Sub


4 minutes 13 seconds
Great instrumental song!

Broken Social Scene

"cause = time"

4 minutes 14 seconds



4 minutes 38 seconds
I've always liked this song but until now I didn't know what it was called.


"army of me"

4 minutes 8 seconds

Stillwater "Almost Famous"

"fever dog"

4 minutes 12 seconds
From the movie "Almost Famous" I thought this was the best song.

Colin Hay

"overkill" scrubs video

3 minutes 30 seconds

Mercury and the Madman


4 minutes 18 seconds

Snow Patrol

I think it's called?

2 minutes 40 seconds

Ray Lamontagne


5 minutes 36 seconds
I can't explain it but Ray Lamontagne is awesome! He's some what modest and has to sing not inches away, but a couple of feet! Spectacular voice... Reminds me of Roy Orbison the way he has to sing a little bit back from the microphone.

"for me it's you" by Train

4 minutes 30 seconds

Silversun Pickups

"lazy eye"

4 minutes 21 seconds
I can't tell if that's a dude singing or whats going on?


"space dementia"

5 minutes 45 seconds
Unbelievable on the keyboard!

Michael Buble

"everything" LIVE

3 minutes 41 seconds
I like how he is modest at the end of the song.
I wasn't so sure about this song at first but now I like it a lot. This is the first time I've heard live though and I'm sure I'm going to listen to it again...
I wonder if he is for real or not? I assume he is?

Trick Daddy ft. Ludacris

"Sugar (Gimmie Some)"

5 minutes 45 seconds


"nobody loves me"
If your about as old as me than you may remember this cartoon named "Maxx"

3 minutes 36 seconds
I wondered about the lyrics and found out as I assumed some guy wrote them. I'm not sure who that is though?

bob seager

"we've got tonight"

"like a rock"

Stone Roses

"i want to be adored"

4 minutes 36 seconds

Allman Brothers

"midnight rider"

2 minutes 2 seconds

Iron Madien

"the trooper"

4 minutes 31 seconds


"Ace Of Spades"

4 minutes 33 seconds
They sound pretty good live!

Suicidal Tendencies

My brothers favorite by Suicidal is...
"join the army"

3 minutes 40 seconds

Lyrics to "join the army"
(He likes the lyrics a lot)
I got a story to tell, now listen up real well
Pay attention this way to what I got to say
Took it to the street, rap to the people we meet
Now we're rocking out hard to the Suicidal beat
Tried to deny our right, so we're putting up a fight
Just doing our thing, they tried to call it a gang
Saw the way we look, that's all that it took
That's all she wrote, they had their scapegoat

Dressed down, homeboyz, minority-join the Army

We're the few, we're the proud, we like to jam it loud
The music we play won't have it any other way
We're armed to the bone with our music and our tone
Recruiting on the street faith the sound of our beat
Growing larger every day and every time we play
Don't need no college plan, we're just a hard-rocking band
We like our music to please but we ain't gonna appease
No pressure's too much to make us change our touch

Hardcore, metal, the new wave
We're not a gang-join the Army

Don't be no fool, don't let your prejudice rule
Don't judge y your fear, judge us by your ear
Can't believe every word of every story that you've heard
Just play the song, I know you'll start to rock along
Well I don't care 'bout the clothes you wear
It's the size of your heart, not the length of your hair
Don't make no difference to me, the color that you be
Black, white or brown, it's all the same to me

Well if you still don't believe you best get up and leave
Do what you must do, but this ain't the place for you
You got no right but if you start a fight
We'll be rockin' your head but with our fists instead
I'll fight it with the band, right down till the end
Ask anyone I've met, this ain't no idle threat
Don't flap no fit and it won't come to this
Bust as for me, I'm down with the Army

New York, London, Venice
Why join a gang?
Join the Army

Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-I want you to join the Army-S.T

Steve Miller

Not much of a video, but the song is one of my favorites by this band.
"space cowboy"



10 minutes 11 sec

Paper Boy


3 minutes 35 sec
old school...


"weird fishes arpeggi"

5 minutes 18 sec

Bob Marley

"everything is going to be alright"

3 minutes 5 sec


"time to pretend"

4 minutes 21 sec

Bobby Mcferrin

"don't worry be happy"

3 minutes 51 sec
I never realized until now that this whole song is just him. No instruments, only the sounds he makes from his mouth.


"train of consequences"

3 minutes 28 sec

Eminem and Nate Dog

"shake that ass for me"

4 minutes 32 sec

Fall Out Boy

"this ain't a scene, it's an arms race"

4 minutes 8 sec

clubbed to death

"Kurayamino Mix - The Origin"

7 minutes 35 sec

Buy The ICU Copy Clip


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